An Imaginative Little Mermaid Book Adaptation

A Scottish little mermaid book adaptation including a woman stranded on the beach without any memory of her former life, a wish concerning a mermaid, and a man rescuing the woman from the sea.

Little Mermaid Book Adaptation - Bay Surrounded by Cliffs

“She was what he wanted, as his wife, his lover, his friend. That was what he wished for.”

“When a Laird finds a Lass” is the second audiobook in Lecia Cornwall’s “Highland Fairy Tales”-series.

Marcail MacLeod Is one of the fierce some MacLeod’s daughters. Searching to escape her unwanted fiancée, she jumps over board, hits her head, and disappears between the waves. Malcom MacDonald, who has recently taken on the responsibilities of laird over his clan , rescues her. When he finds out that she’s a MacLeod, his clan’s worst enemy, he hides her identity, both from his clan and herself. Good that Marcail can’t remember a thing about herself after she hit her head.

Needless to say, an attraction develops between the two of them. They even pretend to me married when Malcom’s brutish cousin Marcus makes an appearance. Standing in the way of their happiness is Malcom’s knowledge of Marcail’s heritage as well as her insecurity with regards to her past. I waited a long time for the two of them to stop making up excuses and get to it. When it finally happens, it’s almost at the end of the story. I love fairy tale adaptations like this one, especially when a pinch of Scottish folklore is thrown into the mix, but I think that a little less fairy dust and a little more sizzle wouldn’t have hurt. I also missed a true villain. After the wonderfully disturbed villain from Beauty and the Highland Beast, the brutish over-sexed Marcus is too stupid and drunk half of the time to measure up.

Narrating a Little Mermaid Book Adaptation

Ruth Urquhart Is a wonderful narrator of historical romances. She has just the right voice for telling fairy tales with her Scottish accent making me think of dark winter nights and fire places. Sometimes her voice gets a little monotonous, but her characters are still recognisable.

The Heroine of a Little Mermaid Book Adaptation

Marcail belongs to the fierce some MacLeod’s daughters. As such, she is independent, unafraid, and beautiful. Too bad she loses some of her spunk as soon as she bumps her head. She still instructs the MacDonald’s women in self-defence, but she also hides in her room every time she feels uncomfortable. I like the way she shows Malcom how to swim even though he has been terrified of the water ever since an accident when he was a child. She helps him to get in contact with his roots and to understand his clan as well as his own position. In the end, Malcom undergoes the greatest change from a gentlemanly, well-bred Lowlander to a still gentlemanly but fierce Highland laird. I wished the sisters of Marcail would have played a bigger role. They appear of course but only at the end of the story.

Why read “When a Laird finds a Lass”

“When a Laird finds a Lass” is the right story for you if you are looking for a Scottish little mermaid book adaptation. Every audiobook in this series offers a different take on another sister falling in love and another fairy tale. The first book Beauty and the Highland Beast was a Beauty and the Beast adaptation. The next one “The Lady and the Highlander” tells Snow White anew. I’d like the relationship between the sisters to be more pronounced, but I cannot complain about the stories lacking imagination. It’s an easy read. So, give it a go!

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