Do you fancy an audiobook about neighbours falling in love?

Two neighbours falling in love sounds romantic at first, but what if they can’t stand each other? It’s bound to get complicated.

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“I told you I don’t do casual sex.” He sat up, too, now. “Grace, there is nothing fucking casual about how I feel about you.”

“Moonlight on Nightingale Way” is my favourite audiobook of the series. It tells the story of two antagonistic neighbours falling in love. After we heard Shannon’s story in Echoes from Scotland Street, we now learn more about her brother Logan, who spent two years in prison for beating his sister’s abusive boyfriend into a coma. The time turns him from an easy-going guy into a haunted loner believing himself incapable of a relationship outside the bounds of one-night stands. However, his sexcapades more than annoy his neighbour, the freelance editor Grace who’s working from home. The antagonism between the two is steadily simmering until Logan’s daughter shows up on his doorstep. A friendship is blossoming into love on Grace’s side while she is helping out Maya and Logan to find their footing. Unfortunately, Logan doesn’t admit his feelings quite as readily. The chemistry between the two of them is fantastic. I was still squirming every time they almost started something but then one of them drew back.

On the other hand, I didn’t like that he was still screwing around even though Grace’s feelings for him were obvious. When he does come to his senses, it is almost too late.

Resisting against neighbours falling in love

I almost didn’t recognise Elle Newlands’ voice from Down London Road and “Echoes of Scotland Street in this audiobook”. Her British accent is very convincing. Grace’s snobbish voice combined with Logan’s sexy burr make this my favourite audiobook in the series when it comes to the narration.

The Heroine in “Moonlight on Nightingale Way”

Grace is her own boss as a freelance editor. Having survived a terrible childhood, she has now founded her own family consisting of her two best friends and their partners. She steps in to help Logan when he is overwhelmed by suddenly having a daughter, plays a mother role for Maya, and persuades Logan of his goodness even though he hurt her. She doesn’t give in to Logan right away when he comes to his senses trying to date to forget about him. I liked that she is not just jumping at his call but her resistance could have been less drawn out.

Why read “Moonlight on Nightingale Way”

If you are dying to find out how the couples from the previous audiobooks are doing, you should listen to “Moonlight on Nightingale Way”. The author finished up her series with a more than satisfying epilogue featuring all the couples and how they turned out. You might almost have forgotten the earlier stories, but the couples are still as much in love with each other as in the beginning. This is the end of a great series. I recommend this audiobook for the epilogue only.

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