An audiobook about getting a second chance for love

Who deserves a second chance for love more than a wrongly accused outlaw and the sweetheart he left behind so many years ago?

Second Chance For Love - sunset beyond black hills

“Highland Scoundrel” is the third audiobook in McCarty’s “Campbell”-trilogy. It is full of distrust, betrayal, and misunderstandings, and a second chance for love. Duncan Campbell has been an outlawed refugee ever since his one and only love betrayed his plans of attack to her father. Years later, he returns to restore his good name and is forced to see that it wasn’t Jeannie who betrayed him after all.

The Second Chance for Love

Jeannie and Duncan were young and rush when they fell in love. Since Duncan believes her to have betrayed him and Jeannie hates him for abandoning her with a child, their relationship is unbalanced from the start. There’s a lot of erotic suspense and sexy time, but what I really missed was the love between the two of them. Duncan understandably distrusts Jeannie, yet Jeannie shoots him without showing remorse, keeps their son from him and blames him for leaving her even though he was a hunted man. I could have done with a little less distrust and a bit more honesty and consideration.

Narration of “Highland Scoundrel

As in Highland Warrior and Highland Outlaw, Roger Hampton does a good job of lending a different voice to every character. McCarty’s books don’t try to imitate a Scottish brogue. Yet, the narrator still manages to add a burr that I as a lover of Scottish romances appreciate.

The Heroine’s Second Chance for Love

Jeannie has to make some tough decisions. After Duncan has to flee the country, she’s left behind pregnant, forced to marry a man she doesn’t love to keep her child save. Her early experience with betrayal has made her distrustful. So much so that it takes the whole story for her to decide if she wants to turn the man she loves in. I understand her distrust, but would have preferred a leap of trust on her part a lot quicker.

Why read “Highland Scoundrel”

I would recommend “Highland Scoundrel” if you enjoy an audiobook about a second chance for love. The Story was filled with actions, intrigues, and suspense even though the inner dialogues were drawn out at times. I still claim that the second book Highland Outlawis the best of the trilogy.

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